Bob Hutchison'un Ufo Öyküsü (İngilizce)

Bob Hutchison'un Ufo Öyküsü (İngilizce)


Personal sightings and accounts of sightings of the Infamous and always controversial UFO(flying saucers) not to mention the now updated shapes of "Wedges" etc...


It was in October of 1962, while stationed at a communications station on Karamursel, Turkey. While standing duty at the Navy's entrance to the compound I noticed a luminous light in the sky. At first I thought it was the moon as the moon was in the sky earlier in the evening. I then looked behind me and the moon was there but this other light was also in the sky in front of me. There was no sound, but that was impossible to determine due to the very loud noise of the generators that power the compound. They were only about 40 yards away.

The object's appearance was round, hazey-white. It was moving slowly from right to left. I moved from my post a few feet to follow it as the Operations building began obstucting the view. I could no longer see it after the sky area where the object was heading became totally obstructed by the operations building.

After I was relieved from duty, I stopped at the main Guard post and asked an Air-Force seargent if he had seen anything earlier. He replied "Yep!, that was wierd huh?". He also added that Captain so-and-so said "It was a satelite". (This was in 1962). I believe the United States had one of it's ECHO satelites up at his time and you were able to see it with the naked eye. It looked like a faint moving star. The object we saw was MUCH larger. It was as if a large hazey flood light became airborn, making the size factor much larger than the "ECHO" theory..

While in Wisconsin in 1973, there was a newspaper clipping which included a B&W photo of a mysterious light is the sky. If I had a camera in Turkey that evening I could have taken that same picture.....

Bob Hutchison CTRC(USN-Ret)

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